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FMK G9 C1 Gen 2 DE 9mm


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Fmk’s 9c1 g2 compact pistol is “proudly american” and ergonomically built to comfortably fit both large and small hands.The polymer frame features a picatinny rail for accessories, and has a rubberized backstrap to effectively reduce felt recoil, while providing a comfortable, positive grip.The stainless steel barrel is engineered to sit low for superior point and shoot accuracy and to reduce muzzle flip.The 9c1 gen 2 has a loaded chamber indicator and virtually no external protrusions, making it ideal for concealed carry.The fat model features fmk’s fast action trigger mechanism for the shooting enthusiast who prefers a shorter, lighter trigger pull with a drop-free magazine and no mag-out safety.This model has a dark earth polymer frame with a matte black carbon steel slide and contrast g19-style front and rear sights.It includes1x 14-round & 1x10-round 9mm magazines, one front sight, one rear sights, and g96 gun oil in a lockable, hard plastic case.