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American Tactical AR15 Omni Hybrid COMPLETE Lower Receiver


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The Omni Hybrid lower features a patented hammer and trigger pin retainment system, preventing movement from the hammer and trigger pin during firing.  The Omni Hybrid also featured our patented over-molded metal insert, which reinforces the buffer tube housing and rear takedown pin.  This allows for metal-on-metal contact with both the buffer tube as well as the rear takedown pin thus increasing strength and durabillity from recoil and consistent firing.


This lower parts kit from American Tactical is made from 100% durable nano composite technology and steel parts that fits and will complete your AR-15 stripped lower. Featuring the SAF-T-FIRST fire control group, this new design allows the firearm to loaded with the safety engaged, drastically reducing unwanted discharge. American Tactical believes in safe firearm practices and the SAF-T-FIRST fire control group allows the firearm to be stored loaded with the safety engaged.


Kit Includes:

- Pistol grip assembly

- SAF-T-FIRST Fire control group

- Takedown / Pivot pin assembly

- Safety assembly

- Bolt catch assembly