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Magpul PMAG D-60 AR-15 .223/5.56 60-Round Polymer Drum Magazine


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This is a Magpul PMAG D-60 60-round drum magazines for AR-15 rifles

With durable polymer construction and double the capacity of a standard AR-15 magazine, these Magpul drum magazines are the perfect upgrade for your AR-15 rifle.

Magpul’s PMAG magazines have revolutionized the way we think about combat gear—raising the bar in terms of quality, reliability, and durability. PMAGs are replacing the old USGI steel magazine in the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines—and they’re a great upgrade for your rifle kit.

Get double the firepower in a lightweight drum with Magpul's D-60. Designed to be left loaded for long periods of time without any loss of function, these drum magazines contain corrosion-resistant internals and a feed tower that’s compatible with USGI stripper clips and most loading devices. Clear window on the back of the drum allows for quick and easy ammo checks.

Add a few spare D-60 drum magazines to your kit today!


  • Compatible with a wide range of NATO firearms such as the M4, M16, SCAR MK16/16S, HK416, MR556, M27 IAR, and others
  • Next-generation impact and crush resistant polymer construction
  • Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
  • Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability
  • Multi-use Impact/Dust Cover keeps dust and dirt out of the magazine and protects the top cartridge from potential damage during storage and transit
  • High-quality stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance
  • Ribbed gripping surface and new aggressive front and rear texture for positive magazine handling
  • Paint pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body to allow for identification marking
  • Flared floorplate aids magazine handling and disassembly yet is slim enough for use with many pouches
  • Made in U.S.A.